Innovative right down to the grain

At Brandenburch, we understand the business needs of the professional animal feed industry. For over 40 years, we have been producing and supplying top-quality animal. We do this by extruding vegetable ingredients into highly digestible pet food. First priority always being the animal’s health and growth. For a better environment.

We go beyond a wide basic range of extrudates and flakes. Our GMP+-certified production process is well thought-out. This gives us the freedom to compose and develop our own product, together with our customers. We innovate together. And always aim for the best composition, colour and shape.

Our promise? We extract maximum value from vegetable raw materials, with minimal residual products. This is how we help ensure optimum health for plant-eating animals and their environment.

Brandenburch, a vital part of pet food.

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Plant-based only

At Brandenburch, our core business is producing the best plant-based feed for animals. Because we care about animal welfare. And because we want to get the most out of plant-based raw materials. So we have practically no residual products; they go back into the process. A small residual flow goes to a biodigester, which converts it into green gas. So animals, humans, and the environment all benefit from our plant-based animal feed.

To our products

Because it has to be good

Creating the best, together

what we do because we feel it’s right. For animals, people and the environment. We could never do that without the input of our buyers. They are knowledgeable about the animal. And Brandenburch are knowledgeable about the production process, the ingredients and the possibilities. Besides our basic range, we produce specialities. The name says it all: bespoke animal feed made according to the customer’s wishes. This can already be done in batches as small as 2500kg. More is also possible, of course, whatever the customer wishes.

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The proof of the feed is in the eating

Animals are no different to people. They eat what they like. Brandenburch aims to make the best pellet from a recipe of plant-based ingredients. We want to maximise the nutritional value so that the animal feels good. We do this by extruding. The shape also has to be right. Appearances count too. Speaking of which: colour! Brandenburch primarily uses natural colourings. And let’s not forget flavour, otherwise we’re back to square one.

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About what we do

From 100% natural raw material to easily digestible pellets

Brandenburch specialises in extruding plant-based nutrients into high-quality animal feed. Protein and fibre products are processed and formed into extrudates (pellets, dry feed, or snacks for animals). The process ensures that the food is digestible and contains all the nutrients the animal needs.

Cooperation produces the best recipes

Everything starts by sitting down together at the Brandenburch table. Here we define the desired end product, always in cooperation with our customers. Shape, colour, weight and nutrients, everything is considered. That sometimes means we have to test various options. Which we are, of course, happy to do. At Brandenburch we believe it is important to deliver the best possible end product.

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Kevin van Hal – operator @ Brandenburch

From haute cuisine to animal feed

Kevin says: ‘When I joined Brandenburch, I had absolutely no idea what in the development and production of animal feed involved. I was open to new things and decided to wait and see. This enabled met to to grow, to where I am today. As a process operator and all-round shift leader, I am responsible for starting up the machines, adjusting the production process and solving technical problems.’

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